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Epson Perfection 610 Service manual Parts Repair download :)I'm trying to confure my scanner (Epson 1260 Photo) using your instructions and have run into a problem. When I enter this command, line P says, "P: Vendor=0000 Prod ID=0000 Rev= 2.06." instead of P: Vendor=04b8 Prod ID=0116 Rev =1.00 as you say in the instructions. pkands - In your opinion are the instructions easy to follow? Epson Perfection 610 Service manual Parts Repair download

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Epson scanners iscan and sane/xsane howto FC3 Archive In the output find this line: P: Vendor=04b8 Prod ID=0116 Rev= 1.00 You will need the Prod ID for the next step. I followed all 22 steps as listed in your orinal post. Check the scanner's status." Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Archive Epson scanners iscan and sane/xsane howto FC3 Guides. Perfection 610, Perfection 640U, Perfection 1200S, Perfection 1200U. I repeated the instructions and this time I found my scanner in the list and am.

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Epson Service Manuals - sudo cat /proc/bus/usb/devices and look for your scanner. I will attempt to keep this howto up to date and will refine the instructions based on input from all to make it as easy to follow and clear as is possible. Thanks bgidney for your help, but I'm still having problems. I unplugged the scanner and USB cables and plugged them back in. In terminal I entered "iscan," and got an error message from iscan which says, "Could not send command to scanner. Epson PERFECTION-1200S Service Manual Epson PERFECTION-1200U Service Manual Epson PERFECTION-610 Service Manual Epson PHOTO PC 700.

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Uscanner4 - FreeBSD :) --- UPDATE --- :) I am using a 3170 in Fedora Core 3 and have iscan and sane/xsane fully functional. This has worked for all 2.6.8 and 2.6.9 kernels I have tested in FC2, FC3 Tests, and FC3 final. Open a terminal window and cd to the download directory. I am using FC3 and have an Epson Perfection 1660 Photo scanner.zipper - bossfrog is rht, if you do not complete step 15 (or do not put in your scanner's id instead of mine in the example) you will get that precise message. USCANNER4 FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual USCANNER4 NAME. Perfection 610 +o Epson Perfection 636U / 636Photo +o Epson Perfection 640U +o.

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